Husband and wife team Chris Worden, Ph.D. and Eva Worden, Ph.D. are Co-Founders of Worden Farm. Since 2003,
the Wordens have been growing fresh, local, organic produce for the local Southwest Florida community and
distributing it through several farmers markets and through a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm
membership program.

The Wordens have taught thousands of people about local organic agriculture in workshops, farm tours, university
courses, conferences, and an intensive farm apprenticeship program. They have promoted agricultural development
and community greening projects within the United States and internationally.

Worden Farm has been featured in several national and regional media outlets, including The Nightly News with Brian
Williams on NBC, America’s Heartland on PBS, American Farmer, Florida Grower, Florida Travel+Life, and Florida Trend.

The Wordens are Founding Members of Slow Food Southwest Florida, which advocates for agricultural sustainability
and biodiversity through educational programs, and promotes the consumption and celebration of seasonal and local
foods and the support of those who produce them. The Wordens have been awarded an Official Proclamation by the
State of Connecticut for their contributions to organic agriculture, are recipients of the prestigious Florida
Innovative Farmer Award, and have been named Organic Farmer Experts by the Organic Trade Association.

The Wordens met during their Masters programs in Horticulture at University of Maryland. They have been farming
together since 1998, while earning doctoral degrees. Dr. Chris Worden’s doctorate is in Crop Science from University
of Connecticut, and Dr. Eva Worden’s doctorate is in Ecosystem Management from Yale University.

The Wordens have two young sons, who love to play on the farm.
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Eva Worden, Ph.D. and Chris Worden, Ph.D.