Worden Farm is an 85-acre certified organic family farm in Southwest Florida, founded and actively run by
Chris Worden, Ph.D. and Eva Worden, Ph.D.

The farm's organic produce is available directly to the local community in season, Fall through Spring, at
farmers markets and through a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm membership program. The farm
produces over 50 different varieties of certified organic
vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers, without
conventional pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.
Sustainable, ecological techniques are used to conserve
resources and protect soil and water resources, wildlife, and human health.

The farm is community-oriented, with a full seasonal
calendar of events, including tours, workshops, and
farm feasts. Worden Farm hosts an
apprenticeship program, in which people come from around the world
to learn about organic community farming. Worden Farm's
consulting services help fellow farmers to
succeed in organic crop production and marketing.

Worden Farm has received media recognition in many national, regional, and local outlets, such as The NBC
Nightly News with Brian Williams, America’s Heartland on PBS, American Farmer, Florida Grower, and Florida
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Want to know more about our farmers markets, CSA membership program, and apprentice program?
Watch the video below from America’s Heartland. The show aired nationally on RFD-TV and PBS stations.
Worden Farm|34900 Bermont Road| Punta Gorda, FL 33982
(941) 637-4874|
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    “. . .it’s not just the leafy greens and luscious vine-ripe tomatoes that make Worden Farm appetizing. There
    is something else – something more visceral, more elemental. It’s the endeavor at Worden Farm to reconnect
    people with the life-giving fundamentals that much of society has come completely disconnected from: food,
    community and conscientious work to sustain a healthy environment.”
                                                                                            ~ Rosie Emery, WGCU Public Media
Worden Farm is dedicated to producing organic foods of the highest quality, cultivating community connection to the farm,
and promoting the viability of the family farm through stewardship and innovation.