Food Preservation Workshop

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Saturday, February 25, 2017.

2:00 - 4:00 PM

Canning, freezing, and dehydrating food are food preservation methods taught in this overview workshop. Learn about these centuries-old methods of storing food. You easily can "put food by" during the farm season, when there is an abundance, and then conveniently use it in your meals during the off-season.

Attend this workshop to get your food preservation questions answered, like:
How can I preserve my farm vegetables, so I can keep eating from the farm in the summertime?
Is it possible to can more than tomatoes?
Can I make pickles that don't just taste like vinegar?
What about making jam and jelly?
Can I safely preserve our low acid veggies? 
Do I have to buy expensive equipment?
What do I need, and where can I get it?
Can I safely and thoroughly dry vegetables in our humid Florida climate?
How do I freeze veggies, and which ones work with this method?

Come join our hands-on food preservation workshop to learn answers to these questions and bring your own questions. With some basic knowledge and advance preparation, you can enjoy your local organic farm vegetables all year round. Learn how, and taste free samples of delicious vegetables that have been preserved from the farm. 2 hours

Reservations required.
$25 for members and $40 for non-members.

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