Worden Farm & Sigrid Olsen - ORGANIC TEA TOWEL COLLECTION - Seeding the Future

Sigrid is a seasoned artist, designer and entrepreneur, with a passion for textile design and print. She is best known for her nationally recognized fashion line, launched over 30 years ago. Initially,  the collection was based on her very distinctive original prints, which she creates out of rubber stamps that she hand-carves herself. This printmaking process is reflected in the unique design of this tea towel and other collaborative creations with Eva Worden, celebrating organic farming with custom prints on organic cotton.
As a designer with an enduring customer base, Sigrid has inspired her audience for years with her upbeat approach to fashion as well as specially created, international art & yoga retreats she hosts in inspiring locations around the world. An avid organic cook and supporter of healthy living, Sigrid works and resides in Sarasota, Florida. 


Watch Sigrid Olsen and Eva Worden on ABC's Suncoast View!

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