PRODUCE CREDITS - Additional credits in $100 increments

PRODUCE CREDITS - Additional credits in $100 increments

Current members: Check your Worden Farm produce credit balance at any time here

$100 for $110 of Produce Credits


Add to your Worden Farm Produce Credits and receive an automatic 10% bonus — your $100 automatically turns into $110 of Produce Credits upon purchase. It's a guaranteed 10% return on your investment for your farm membership in support of local organic farming.   

Use your Produce Credits to choose any of our organic produce, at any of our markets, any time in the Fall - Spring market season.  

  • Farmers Markets in Sarasota and Saint Petersburg are open to the public and do not require a seasonal Farm Stand Membership to use Produce Credits.
  • To visit the Farm Stand at Worden Farm in Punta Gorda, a Worden Farm Stand Membership is required. This helps to defray the costs of maintaining and operating the farm stand. 

    How to Use Produce Credits

    • Each week of our market season, Fall through Spring, choose any amount of organic vegetables from our Farmers Markets in Sarasota or Saint Petersburg or the members-only Worden Farm Stand in Punta Gorda.
      • At each check out, a cashier will total your items, and the value of your items in Produce Credits will deducted from your account.
        • If you need to miss a week, you will not lose any Produce Credits on your account.
        • Produce Credits are not to be combined with other discounts, and any remaining at the end of the season will not be carried over to the next season, but will be applied to the farm's education and community outreach programs.