Worden Farm Consulting

Get expert assistance for organic growing and marketing. The Worden Farm Consulting team offers valuable information and strategic guidance toward success with organic agriculture projects in all enterprise stages. 

Get help with:

  • commercial organic vegetable production and marketing: from large-scale wholesale to market gardening, with experienced growers or beginning farmers
  • home growing and estate gardens
  • school gardens and community greening
  • chef gardens and farm to table for restaurant groups
  • agricultural amenities for community developments

Areas of expertise include: 

  • United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program - USDA NOP
  • Starting an organic agriculture project
  • Evaluating agricultural investments
  • Farm financial resources
  • Transitioning from conventional to organic production
  • Field preparation and crop planning
  • Crop selection and rotations
  • Developing an Organic Systems Plan
  • Applying for organic certification
  • Organic certification recordkeeping
  • Organic input selection and documentation
  • Tools and equipment specifications and sourcing
  • Seeding and transplanting
  • Irrigation systems and water management
  • Soil fertility and soil test interpretation
  • Cover cropping and composting 
  • Livestock integration and rotation
  • Organic insect management
  • Organic weed management
  • Organic disease management
  • Harvesting organic crops
  • Post-harvest handling, packing and processing
  • Retail and wholesale marketing opportunities 
  • Project design 
  • Stakeholder input
  • Organizational strategy
  • Regional food systems development 
  • Community engagement and partnerships
  • Agricultural industry networking
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Chris Worden, Ph.D. and Eva Worden, Ph.D. are recipients of the Florida Innovative Farmer Award, and have been named "Organic Farmer Experts" by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) and by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Wordens are featured widely in the media and in many books and videos, including "Organic Certification Made Simple" a multi-part video series for the USDA that provides a step-by-step overview of organic production requirements and the process of organic certification.