Fresh Florida Organic Sunflowers

Worden Farm's high-quality USDA certified organic floral grade sunflowers make vibrant, memorable gifts for yourself or your friends and family -- they light up a room, uplift the heart, and bring on the smiles!

In addition to their beauty and value as fresh cut flowers, the organic sunflowers play an important role within the organic farm ecosystem at Worden Farm. Planted among the vegetable crops, the organic sunflowers are part of sustainable crop rotations and attract beneficial insects like honeybees for pollination and biodiversity.  

Symbols of joy, strength, and optimism, sunflowers inspire us all to turn toward the light and shine on. Enjoy Worden Farm Sunflowers, Grown with Love & Sunshine. 

Easy Fresh-Cut Sunflower Care: Recut Sunflower stems to any desired length. Place in fresh water, out of direct sunlight. Change the water and recut every 3 days. Fresh Sunflower blooms last for 2 weeks.